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Hovhannes Tovmasyan
Mr. Tovmasyan is the founder and the director of the advertising agency – PBM MediaTV. With an extensive experience as a producer, program host, creative director, Hovhannes is one of the pioneers of the advertising business in Armenia since 1993. From 1994-1996 he has been the partner and host of National TV Radio (Hayastan channel). From 1998 – 2000 Hovhannes became the director of advertising agency – MediaTV. 2000-2004 – General Advertising Sales Manager of “ArmeniaTV” company. Mr. Tmazanc is at the same time an independent consultant in advertising, strategic development and commercial issues in CS Media company and many other Armenian companies. He has been the author of modernizing many brands, their strategic and creative developments in the Armenian market.


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Advertising is the root and basic element for starting and successfully marketing any business. After the collapse of the USSR, all the countries fell into both economic and technological crisis. New opportunities came by, but there were no technologies, experience and practice for their accomplishments. This is true for advertising as well. The international experience was too expensive and not actual for developing countries. The advertising business in Armenia started its development from the very bottom. The ad market started to flourish those years based only on professional and business instincts. Then after the international practice started to root itself in Armenia and many new tools and technologies came to place. New and more professional advertising agencies were founded. Today it can clearly stated, that there are several international quality agencies, equipped with the necessary professional knowledge and expertise. “PBM MediaTV” is one of them. In the age of changes, its impossible to seek progress without modernizing technologies. Our company is systematically being informed about news in the field and adopts newer and newer technologies. Regular trainings, seminars have become a tradition in our staff. Ad campaigns are created by people, and it solely depends on their professionalism the efficiency and success of the campaign. Success of any business is based on its media strategy, that is why we say “we want to earn money not on the client, but with the client”. The success of our company and our clients depends on our hard work, and we clearly realize that. And good efficiency can be reach through institutional and predictable approach to any job. Our best evaluation is our happy client, and this is traditional at our company. I appreciate the efforts of all the professionals in the advertising field, but a priority for me above all are human relationships: their accuracy and readiness for support. I hope that in future, with the progress of the advertising business in Armenia, the level of professionalism in ad-people will expand with the input of the international experience for the prosperity of the business in general.



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For questions or inquiries please contact our main office: Vardananc 10 str. ap.45, PBM MediaTV company, Yerevan, Armenia 0010 Tel/Fax: (+37410) 544 - 820 Production Media Buying Global ...